Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, The JelloShotz Store (JelloShotz.com) is a leading jello shot product supplier with many unique and innovative items. Our quality products are offered online at the low-cost for retail, household, and commercial applications.

The JelloShotz Store (JelloShotz.com) specializes in offering top quality jello shot products at an affordable cost with a proven, dedication to providing unmatched customer service.

The value of The JelloShotz Store (JelloShotz.com) includes:

Dedicated Customer Service: The #1 goal at The JelloShotz Store (JelloShotz.com) is 110% Customer Satisfaction. We promise and continue to work hard to fulfill all orders in a timely manner with an open channel of communication to our customers/clients. Please call us or e-mail at any time and you’ll see that we always respond promptly and address your questions or concerns.

Increased Product Performance: Through design and development collaboration focusing on end-use expectations, The JelloShotz Store (JelloShotz.com) ensures we offer a top quality product that has been vigorously tested under extreme conditions. All of our jello shot products and gelatin shot mixes are FDA Approved.

Interactive Shopping Cart Website: This E-Commerce Store allows users to browse through our products and make purchases online. At anytime, users can conveniently select and add products they wish to purchase to their virtual shopping cart and check-out using safe payment options such as credit cards, or pay-pal. Users are able to view or make changes to their personal accounts and view their order history with the site.

Customized Purchase Plans: Whether you intend to purchase jello shot products for everyday home use, retail distributions, or commercial foodservice, we have a special unit price for you to fit your needs and increase your profit margins. We have no minimums or maximum requirements for purchasing.

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